Cyber exposure is not the cost of doing business

Address vulnerabilities before exposure can happen.

Cyber exposure is not the cost of doing business

Address vulnerabilities before exposure can happen.

by 227admin
Today's connected environment of online business and digital presence require companies to actively establish effective protections for customer data and Intelectual Property (IP). Though most companies understand that they need to secure their online presence, many don't have the time or expertise to properly evaluate and mitigate a simple workstation.  Considering that Windows 10 has over 400 known vulnerabilities, having experts help you establish secure systems is a step towards protecting your customers and business from cybercriminals.

Importance of Vulnerability Scanning

Too many companies feel secure with only default firewall and virus scanning tool protecting their systems.  This is exactly what cybercriminals want to find; connected systems with default settings, accounts, and inadequate patching make accessing your customer data or Intellectual Property only a matter of time. The first line of cybersecurity defense is making systems harder to breach by mitigating common vulnerabilities and removing unnecessary applications.

System Baseline Support

We do the heavy lifting for our clients when it comes to creating an OS baseline for their enterprise.  Working closely with our clients we design a custom baseline around the necessary applications used in their business.  We then use leading vulnerability scanning tools and then we use our experience to configure or remove unnecessary applications, making your connected systems too difficult and too time-consuming for cybercriminals to consider attacking.

Key Benefits of the Service

Connect with confidence using a turn-key secure system.  Grow your system security needs as your business grows.

  • Linux / UNIX / Windows / Mac OS baselines
  • Complete CVE mitigation for OS
  • OS verification of operation testing
  • Documented OS preparation procedures
  • Access to 227 OS baseline engineers
Ron Willman
Director of Business Development

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