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System vulnerability scanning
and machine hardening

We can identify and mitigate vulnerabilities
in your IT infrastructure, giving you peace of mind.


Penetration Testing
Validates your security

We validate your security posture
giving you the confidence to do business
in today's connected world


227 InfoSec understands the value of independent assessments designs a tailored comprehensive approach to your cybersecurity needs. We work with you to plan and execute penetration/vulnerability tests and security audits, after which we document the results in a clear, concise report, enabling you to best protect your data, prioritize your IT expenses and focus on your risk vectors.


Having a consultant that understands how to secure your data and cares about your success may be new, but it is the core value of 227 InfoSec.  Your success is what matters and it is the key aspect of our passion towards security.


Do you enjoy learning?  Does figuring out how things work and how to make them work better drive you.  If cybersecurity is your passion and you want to join a team that is driven to customer success then look at 227 opportunities.


227 InfoSec Delivers the Right Services for Your Business.

Penetration testing is the ultimate measure of your cybersecurity posture.  Know where you really stand.


Preparation and experience are key to the creation of an effective cybersecurity strategy. We can help you develop a plan, monitor its implementation and assess the results.


We deploy industry-leading vulnerability and exposure scanning software, to pinpoint focus areas in your enterprise's cybersecurity posture.


Forward-thinking organizations understand that their employees are critical to success. 227 helps make your employees another tool in your cybersecurity portfolio.


227 Benefits

Creating customer-focused cybersecurity solutions for our clients' results in a successful, mutually beneficial business relationship.  As our clients' grow and expand their operations, we continue to support them at every stage.  Our focus is on ensuring that they are protected and satisfied with 227 support.  227 InfoSec is a cybersecurity provider that truly cares about our clients' success.

  • We help you tailor your cybersecurity approach to provide the best solutions
  • We help identify and mitigate risks in your enterprise
  • We help you stay up to date on attack vectors and vulnerabilities
  • We help monitor and review your enterprise to identify anomalies
  • We help train your employees to be more aware of, and less vulnerable to, cybersecurity attacks

Frequently asked Questions

We take pride in our ability to apply proven cybersecurity fundamentals to virtually any industry. We have extensive experience in DoD, state government,  green field planning and technology markets.

Your business size does not matter when it comes to cybersecurity, it's the data that matters! In fact, the small business that has a single laptop is more likely to experience a significant unrecoverable hardship if there is a cyber incident. If you are a small or large enterprise schedule a vulnerability scan with us today and take a positive step forward to securing your data.

Because cybersecurity needs are vastly different for each customer we start by correctly scoping your project. We want to fully understand your business, your market and your regulatory needs to develop a plan that will improve your cybersecurity posture. Expect to spend 1-2 hours with our experts to define your requirements and develop a tailored road map for your success.

We use industry-leading tools combined with our innovation and breadth experience to establish your net presence as a secure hard target, deterring hackers.

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